Folly on 1 star day

Had a half day to spare. Checked the fishing tables… Hmmmm only a one-star day. Also calling for storms. What the heck I have a few hours. Grabbed some MM’s and FM’s from my dock and headed toward the Stono. NO bites first hr at usual places…then 3 small trout and small flounder ( Stono/Kiawah) lady fish, and blue. Decided to call it a day but stopped at one more dock before hitting the ramp and :
18" flounder for dinner, small red, and then put the little blue on the bottom, dead sticker the rod, and :


Redfish Baron Extraordinaire

‘smiling faces??.happy places’!!!

nice 1/2 day!!

dead stick Jim?
nice catching there buddy…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

Supper time! Nice!

The red was 28" so back it went. Oddly BOTH the 28 " red hit and the flounder hit the dead sticks while I was setting another rod. Yes, “dead-stick Jim” aka “Groupa Jim” was there for both. The red took off under the boat from stern -to-bow, caught the line on a couple places, so had to have Jim use the trolling motor to maneuver boat to clear the line and move away from the fish so it could be reeled in. A double slam of two reds-two flounder-3 trout: OK for a few hours on a “one-star” day.