For sale 70hp Yamaha

2002 70 TLRA two stroke
Tiller drive
Still runs good and can meet up at cypress gardens to show
Don’t know what to ask but I’m researching
I would appreciate it if any on the CF crew would help me determine a fair price since I’m not that good with the internet

I see them on Facebook and Craigslist from anywhere in the $3000 range for one with controlls down to $12-$1500 for ones that look rough.

According to hours and how good it “looks” I would think around $1800 to $2000 seems fair.

Especially if it starts easy and doesn’t smoke like a freight train

A new one is 8-9 grand, so it might be worth keeping as a spare, but knowing you I’d say you have a couple spares already.

It still has the factory oil injection so it doesn’t smoke
I have the steering and control cables
Along with the steering wheel and mahogany console that came out of the 15ft whaler.
I want to refurbish the hull and get a four stroke.
Yeah there’s a few rigs around here I can use until this project is finished.

If it’s a tiller it will bring more. I wouldn’t ask less than 2500-3000 for a tiller motor in decent condition

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