Found Wallet

I don’t know if this will reach the right person, but just in case, I wanted to give a heartfelt: “Thank you!” to the great individual who found my wallet in the Francis Marion off Farewell Corner Road this past weekend or Monday and turned it in to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. Monday I went back to where I parked and hunted Saturday afternoon, and to my great concern, couldn’t find it. While I was actually at the tree I climbed, scratching around in the leaves in desperation, I got a call that the MPPD had it.
I immediately went there and picked it up, and, of course, all the cards and cash were right where I put them. We tend to get dismayed and discouraged by the terrible behavior of people today that we hear about on a daily basis in the news. I think the truth is, most people are still decent and honest. At least one is!
Thank you again, sir or madame. You’re a good person.


That is so good to hear and I totally agree with your assessment. Good people are still alive in our world!!