Francis Marion Hogs?

Getting ready for the dedicated still gun hunt in the Francis Marion for hogs and I have a few places scouted but the sign is old. Does anyone want to share any hog sightings they have had recently? Tips, tricks, hacks for hog hunting are welcome as well.

hogs typically move around a good bit
Scout for the freshest sign you can find a few days before the hunt if you can
I typically see them more near creek/swamp bottoms then anywhere else. The marsh area in wambaw is a good place as are the creeks in hell hole and santee units. Thick pines on edges of hardwoods is also good this time of year.look for hog wallows. Kill as many as you can

Thanks for the reply. I have noticed that they really like those pine edges near bottoms. I will be out there scouting all this weekend.

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