Francis Marion National Forest

I’m trying to do a little more fishing on land vs in a boat. It looks like the Francis Marion National Forest has lots of ponds to fish but I would have no idea if they have many, if any fish. Does anyone have any experience fishing this area and can give me a point in the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Camped out there for a week way back when. Just before hurricane Hugo.
We were fishing out of inner tubes.
Can’t remember what we caught.

Your post made me curious. So I googled.
fishing Francis Marion national Forest.

It looks like they’re managing the ponds nowadays. So I would think they would be fairly productive.
If you go let us know how you did.

I haven’t fished the Forest ponds yet, it’s on my “to do” list one of these days, along with driving up I26 to Columbia to catch smallmouth.

Lady I knew years ago told me her and her husband used to fish several of those ponds and always did good, mainly bass and bream.

Give us a report when you try it.

I don’t fish the ponds, i have stopped and observed a few since i do a ton of hunting out there and travel to and through the forest due to wildland fires and i will tell you over the years there’s more peopl with spare time that fish them and take home a couple itty bitties…also a few ponds have dried up a couple times due to droubt. Good luck! Plenty of salt water to dabble in that never gets over fished is my wirds of wisdom

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