Freedom Boat Club

Does anyone on here know anything about Freedom Boat Club? I went fishing with a friend an Florida who is a member and he really likes the way it operates.

My wife and I were members back about 10 years ago for a couple of years.
Initially we enjoyed it, but after a while it became difficult to book a boat unless you did it way in advance and it became nearly impossible to book a boat for a full day. Throw in a couple of incidents where the boat broke down and we bailed.
We did like the fact that I could book a little fishing boat, but if we had a group of people could get a larger party type boat.
I do know that since then ownership has changed, so maybe things have turned around.
I would ask them for some type of a trial period, so you can check availability etc.

good luck.

I looked at all the locations that I would use and the oldest boat I saw was a 2015. Most were newer. Fished out of their boats at two locations in Florida on the Gulf coast in the last 2 weeks and both boats were 2017, 1 Scout 23ā€™ and 1 Cobia 22ā€™, both had 150 hp Yamaha 4 stroke.

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