Freedom Hawk Kayak Question

Hi. I’m a long time reader, first time poster. I’ve got a question y’all might be able to help me with. I’m going to be buying a kayak soon and I’m pretty much already sold on the freedom hawk. I’ve been looking at the fourteen but people have been pushing the twelve hard. My only worry with the twelve is the specs rate it at 250 to 275 pound max. I weigh about 250. I know they tend to be conservative with the max weight but I don’t want to chance it. Is there any other bigger guys out there who have used the twelve or should I just go with the fourteen?

talk to nikonjedi at SUmmerville Charleston Angler.

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ive got the 12… but im not like really big… but i like it… its the perfect kayak for fishing… its really stable for me… impossible to flip… i have been on the kayak with me poling in the back and my friend casting in the front on a flood tide… we had no chance of tipping and that was a good 300 pounds or so… and still managed to pick up about a dozen reds that day

it seems like most ppl like the 12 over the 14 just because of how the hull is cut and is easier to paddle… thats just from the reviews that i have read. the features on the 12 are also really nicee…

PM me if u got any questions

Thanks for the info. If you can put 2 dudes on it without it swamping I think me, a couple of fly rods and a cooler of beer should do just fine.

I am about 250 myself… the freedom 12 CAN be flipped… I did it. Complete 180, hull up flip. Now… in order to do that I had to keep the scupper plugs in and fill it with water and lean over. if yq kep it dry inside you shuold be OK… I feel a little off balance in the 12, still very stable and very fishable but for my size I prefer the 14. Yes it’s wetter and you can’t paddle with the outriggers out but I like it better. Stalking must be a pretty small in size… if I had anyone in the 12 with me we would sink… it’s a great kayak but it is not perfect. I have one here in the Summerville shop, swing by and take a look and I’ll be happy to talk to ya about it… BTW ya got a PM

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