French quarter creek

Hey guys, I’ve grown up fishing inshore salt water fish, but i’ve really been wanting to try some fresh water. My mom’s been telling me and my dad to fish french quarter my entire life. Its where she grew up. My dad refuses to fish inshore, but i wanna give it a shot. I just got a fishing kayak and wanna get out there before winter rolls around. I prefer live bait, so whats the best thing? I hear crickets will attract pretty much anything out there. Mainly lookin for brim and maybe some bass. Any input would be great. I feel like a complete noob

Crickets are good and so are red worms. Fish them on a #6 alberden hook with a bb splitshot lead about a foot and a half under a small cork. Those big corks that look like a mini sub scare the fish away. Fish around tree limbs under tree limbs and structure in the shade. This time of the year that’s important. I guess bream don’t like to get there tan on. Minimum current is also important. Early in the morning and late in evening is the best time. Good luck. Also I don’t know how the water is there but here it’s high and your wasting ur time until the water gets out of the swamp.

Listen to tree_my_dog. Good advise. As long as the water is so high, the bluegill are mostly shut down.

Goose Creek Reservoir is a decent place for freshwater but beware the gators if you are in a kayak. Also, the freshwater side of Bushy Park is beautiful and holds fish.

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Father in law went Sunday and only caught a mudfish. Water is still way too high to fush for bream or any other species for that matter. Great bass fishing when the water is right.

We fished there yesterday for 6hrs. and only caught 1 copperhead worth keeping and a dozen little bream. The bite is way off.