Fresh Blackened Trout

With Geechie Boy cheese grits and a baby portabella cream sauce.

Man, that looks good. I know you guys use Geechie Boy grits, but I can’t get them up here. How does House Autry compare?

That does look good! The only time I ever think about fish and grits is the morning after a fish fry – if there’s fish left over. Might have to do something along those lines tonight! Thanks for sharing.

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Wally- I don’t notice much of a difference between brand in the grits, as long as you use enough butter, salt, and milk :sunglasses:

This posting inspired me, so tonight I made some creamy cheese grits, topped with a pan fried lemon-pepper tilapia fillet, topped with some leftover homemade pasta sauce (tomato base). Was skeptical about the pasta sauce but decided to go for it anyway. It was delicious. Thanks for the inspiration.