Fresh Dill on fish

Ok so this may be old to some, it has given me a new taste on fish.

Couple of years ago started planting Dill for the wife for potato salad and making pickles.

Daughter came up to me Saturday afternoon with two smallish bass(1lb+/-) she and caught. I didn’t feel like frying them so from a suggestion from my neighbor scaled and slashed to the back bone in several places on both sides( I don’t do the head on fish thing so that was removed), put in aluminum foil on a bed of onion, fresh garlic and butter. Broke off some fresh dill put it on top, sprinkled some Emerils fish rub and grilled. Not over powering but darn if the dill didn’t add a great taste to it.

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Dill and grilled fish is a wonderful thing, especially with salmon.

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