Fresh Oysters?

My wife’s birthday is in a few weeks, and she wants to go down to Charleston for the day (lunch, etc.). She loves fresh oysters so I thought I’d reserve a bushel to pick up before we headed home so she could eat as much as she wants when she gets home.

Where is the best place to reserve a bushel/half-bushel of fresh, local osyters?


My daughter brought a hundred to me, a few weeks back, for Christmas.

Low Country Oyster Company.

They’re farmed, not huge, but clean and tasty.

I think they sell them in, either, a 50, or 100, count, bag?

I am sure someone will chime in with some Charleston local places, but there’s always Livingstons seafood in McClellanville

Thanks, it gives me a couple of places to start.

H&J seafood is my “go to” spot for all seafood. especially local clusters and they clean them very well. call ahead just in case. they sell whole and half bushels

Great, I’ll check them out. Thanks!