Friday and Saturday charters on ADAMADA

Fished Friday with a group from Greenville, went to Georgetown Hold, picked at the dolphin in the deep. Got up on the Hold after lunch and the tuna came up, picked up 3, one was 34 lbs, missed a bunch of small ones. Also had a big Blue Marlin hiting the rubber flying fish on the green stick, charged it five times before he give up on it.
Saturday we fished a local group, started at The outcrop, nothing there, picked up and run to the Hold, caught and released a sail, then right at noon again the tuna bite was on, put 8 nice tuna in the box, would have had more but had couple problems with the green stick. Back at it tomorrow and Monday.

Do you have any photos or some additional explanation of the green stick?

I assume you are talking YFT?