Friday, for what it's worth

With wind forecasts of 2-3 mph hit the water at 0700 with my dozen herring. Been wanting to fish Ballentine Creek for the last two month. Well, they need a new wind gauge. Swells were rapidly coming in spaced only about 5 feet apart, so back over to Beards out of the wind. While I never really marked any concentrations, I did have “action” in the broadest sense of the term, though all were short. Final insult was the triple which is enough to overpower most singles out on the water. Pulled boards and a float in 20 to 30 fow. Water temp was 70 to 72. Hopefully winds will abate in the next week or so and bigger fish will start showing up.

Short fish are better than no fish!:smiley: At least you caught a few. Nothing worse than going out & not getting a single bite.:dizzy_face:
It seems like the wind is always blowing 5 time harder than the weatherman says it is. I’m going to give it a try in the morning. (if I can get a pass)

Bob Van Gundy
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