Friday October 2nd at Price Inlet

Finally got my windy friend Mike on the boat. When I say windy it’s for a couple of reasons. He tells the same old stories and it’s best if one stays upwind while he tells them.

Also got a visit from one of the guys on this forum “Lucky Larry 54”. Great meeting him and his friend Chris.

It was slow but we managed a couple of keepers on artificials. 3” Zman swim bait “the Deal” rigged weedless with a 1/4 oz bullet weight and a Gamakatsu worm hook.

Interestingly, not one flounder.

Talked to Adam after and he said there are a bunch of guys who won’t fish a full moon. I always thought that was a good time to go but the fishing was definitely slow as opposed to last Sunday.

Anyway, the video is linked at the top for anyone interested

Kerry Browning

That Larry guy sold me some cooler ties a few year back, seemed like a good dude from my encounter. That full moon fishing is best in fresh water, but I’ve gotten into em pretty good in salt too. It’s just one of those things. At least you got out there!:+1:

Fishing Nerd

“No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool… nothing else.”

…well, some fishing too!

Kerry, it was good to have a meet and greet on the water Friday. Thanks for the intel on that fishing spot- I have never fished that side of Price or that point before. I am hoping to go Thursday and go through Bull Narrows on Incoming mid tide? Thanks again for all your videos. Stumpknocker, hope them straps are still working for you. Appreciate all the kind words. Thanks, Larry

01 Scout 177 w/ 150 hpdi

I’ll be out there Friday with a couple of guys on my boat.
Low tide Thursday is 6:05 in price inlet. If you are there early enough you can use your trolling motor to get through the “narrows”. Reach out next time you’re going and we can try to meet. I’ve got some other good spots you need to know for winter fishing.