Friday Report 10/23

Started off looking for bait, had to get into pretty skinny water, but I found a whole bunch. Big shrimp/finger mullet/regular mullet and large croakers. It was kind of tricky positioning the boat and throwing the net as I was by myself, but eventually I settled down and was able to be productive.

Anyway, I had planned on fishing grillage/jetties all day, but since I was in skinny water and the tide had started to come in I thought I’d throw out a few lines with corks and see if I can catch anything. I trolled slowly fishing both banks along a creek and came up empty handed, but eventually found a corner where I caught two decent sized trout…here’s one of them (I also learned that taking pictures of fish by yourself is difficult at best, especially with touch screen phones and wet/slimy hands)

After those two trout the bit died down and I decided to head out to the harbor and went to Grillage where I was for about 30 minutes fishing with cut bait on the bottom and all I caught was a toadfish.

Since Grillage was kind of a bust for me, I went out to the South Jetty…had to pick my spot as it was kind of full but found some decent room and started fishing with cut mullet. After about 15 minutes I had my first big bite (had fought off a few nibbles from severely undersized BSB) a 30" redfish. After trying for decent pictures with the trout I realized there was no chance of getting a good picture of a big redfish, so I just took a picture of it in the net for “proof” and sent him on his way.

I was feeling pretty good about myself since last time I went fishing I was pretty much skunked, and continued fishing with cut mullet and within5-10 minutes I had another big bite…another redfish, this one measuring about 33"…again, didn’t even try to get a really good picture.


great report. Thanks.

“I am not involved in this thread, only helping Fred understand who he is dealing with.”

thanks Baconwfu - great report and pics (they are a challenge on your own!). wfu - wake forest?


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in that case, i take back what i said. go heels

“I am not involved in this thread, only helping Fred understand who he is dealing with.”