Fryday Fishing

Was hot and miserable but the dinks kept us busy and my buddys kept me laughing. Did have 2 hoss us right into some piles and we never stood a chance, but thays why we try. Saw mid 80’s in the water all day but thw moring was nice and even saw 2 pushing tailers chasing the creek shrimp. We seemed to have our best luck with mudders and cut mullet soaking on the botton as the sun got high and hot. Low to high and called it a day. Had a nice little pork tenderloin for dinner to cap the day off. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some work to do at the house unfortunately haha

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Looks like a good day though. Gonna be a long, hot summer it appears.

Nice catch & sounds like a great trip out.
It’s already miserable out there so I hate to see what July & August holds for us.