fuel costs

Just heard on NBC nightly news that Labor Day gas cost to be $4.25 or more!In order to cut costs I am considering changeing to a single engine!I know Phin goes this way! what are other peoples thaughts!

This is really pissing me off.

“I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of the general public.”
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Your going to save a little money in gas and spend it on the conversion and still not be able to fish because the season will be closed

Lets hope they are wrong! Gas at $4.25 will put a nail in the economy.

But saying that the news has made its prediction so now all the traders will shoot for $4.25. This has absolutely nothing to do with supply and demand.


I’m changing to nuclear fuel rods ,initially expensive but refuel only every 10-12 years. Anyone know of a conversion kit for Suzuki 225’s ?

how much do you think the initial cost of the change cost you? If you think the fuel savings are worth it then good move. If that will cost $1,000.00’s then I would rethink it. I have always ran a single engine and never had a issue. Might be better to just throttle back. Looks like we all are going to rethink how far out out we go for fish.

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

just add 1 more person to your fishing crew…

I am already looking for ways to cut money other places to offset fuel cost this summer. I have a cash stash for the first for just fuel.

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Has anyone seen those probama commercials about the us relying on foreign oil than ever before, something like less than 50% now and everyone wonders why gas keeps going up.

2006 pioneer 197 SF 150 4s

The price of gas is up because of futures trading. These huge hedge fund and pension investors can no longer invest in mortgage backed securities so they dump huge sums in futures. Oil, grain, livestock. That 2% return you get in your 401k cost you 10% of your pay. It’s all a big shake down and we just have to take it.

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This is PISSING me off as well!!! The biggest legal scam in the world!!! RIDICULOUS!!! Keep Supporting terrorism!!!

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