Full Moon Froggin

The better half and I slipped over to the Res for a 2 hour tour to work some top water and try to get her a frog bite we’ve been working on for a while. Well it finally happened and was the only fish of the evening even though they were blowing up all around us. I think a weightless worm or subsurface lure would have been the ticket but we run what we brung- and her frog was the only thing without trebles. It was awesome and we were both pretty proud to cross that off her list. Tried til dark and missed one other bite but that was it. Water temp is 75 in there right now and really clear.

Still need us both a spottial on top too ha.

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May i suggest listening to Jump Around while hopping frogs…them green gals love it!

If nothing else, you spent some quality time with the spousal unit.

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Missed this gem!! nice job. I’m working on fishing the big and little Salkehatchie a couple days before the May full moon. Just got access to an area up from the forks on the big Salkehatchie. Looks really promising.

Thanks you sir! Neighbor said the water temps rebounded quickly from the cooler nights last week. The top water bite should be hot for a couple weeks. Im ready to make an afternoon trip again soon myself. Bout that time of year