Fun Topwater False Albacore Bite In The Harbor!

It’s been a while for me since my last post. Apologies for that…work has been crazy for me since last spring. We managed to get on a strong albie bite at on the ocean front. They were slamming our topwater plugs and sub surface lures. Here is the link to the Youtube video I put together if you are interested in checking it out.



Some of my favorite words. I see color.
Man y’all sure had a pretty day

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Very cool. Are those edible? Never caught one so…

Agreed! I love the anticipation of seeing the color come up for the first time when reeling in.

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Not a good fish to eat. They made for excellent bait for offshore bottom fishing and shark fishing though.

You can eat anything…but no, its not great table fare.


There are few things more exciting that seeing that fish chase and beat up that plug on the surface. Great video!


Thanks for that video. that was fun to watch!


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Nice report. Thanks!

Ah, got it. Looks like they’re fun to catch. Speedy looking body.

Not good eating at all. They make for awesome bottom fishing cut bait though. Grouper love them!

That exact moment made my day. I could have gone without catching anything and that moment would have made it all worth it!

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Thanks for the support! I will give some more reports here soon as the fall feeding fest starts up!

Thanks for watching!

Thanks for watching. I’ll have a few more up on here in the near future.

Definitely looks like fun. We got into a similar deal several years ago in Bokeelia, Fl. For 3 days, we found huge schools of Spanish and were throwing Clark spoons at them, catching one nearly every cast. That is some of the most fun I’ve ever had fishing.

My cat will eat them

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THAT!!! Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for watching. It was certainly a great day out there on the water!