Fun trip near the Palm Republic (formerly IOP)

Finally got a chance to get the boat wet and caught the tide just right. The spot I like is not navigable at low water so we got in the spot at mid falling tide. The fish were there and it didn’t take long. It seemed that every fish we caught was either above or below slot. But we finally got a limit of slot reds When the water reached dead low we got out of the boat and gathered a bucket full of clams mussels and assorted barnacles for bait. As soon as the tide started easing in the bite was on !! We hooked up several nice black drum and then the monster bit. The bite was just a light thump and I lifted the rod and suddenly the huge black drum knew he was hooked. There was a short run. And then it felt like he was stuck on the bottom. It seemed like forever before we saw the fish and he was so tired that we could just grab his fill cover and lift it up. Laid in the bottom of the boat too fat to move much. We revived him and released My experience with black drum Is that the big ones are full of worms. I don’t like fish that looks like pasta in the flesh. Photo of one of the slot fish

Catch them up!


Looks like a good day. I actually like smaller black drum. White flakey meat is good when there are no worms.

The one we released was 38 “ massive fish and you know how it goes - the biggest fish gets hooked up on the smallest rod. It was a zebco 33 (snoopy model) with 10 lb line and a #6 bluegill hook

You had your hands full on the snoopy 33!!! now that’s sport fishing! I like eating the smaller black drum too. Nice catch!!! :sunglasses:

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Nice! Natureboy answered the question “What’s for supper?”

The black drum in the photo was 8 lbs Was dinner for 4 last nite with leftovers in the fridge. No worms. Great food

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Great picture. Do you get those fish lip-grippers things at bass pro? I saw one at harbor freight that i have my eye on but it has a built in scale.

Thanks for the report and pics

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Sweet! Nice pics, and report. Thanks… :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you got out there and had some great luck!! thanks for sharing the pics!

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I know that was a blast. Good stuff man, thanks for the report. :+1:

Fred. You can tell from my photo that I look 39

Thanks E f. Those were harbor freight grippers. The $2 variety. . The worked quite well! The fish was actually weighed by DNR at the landing.

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