Funny series of pictures from tailing tide

Tucker and I finally got a break where we could go catch a tailing tide and grab some photos.

Here’s the series of events as they unfolded.

Fish spotted. Move in for shot

Fish takes a mouthfull

Hooked up

Hey, lets bring him closer to the boat for a photo

Uh oh, hook came free. Take fight from tug-o-war to foot pursuit

Try to cut off

Had him in my hands underwater, then he slipped. Moved another few feet and felt him bump my leg. One quick grab of his tale and success.

The look on Tucker’s face when that fish came up out of the water was pretty priceless

Off to fight another day

Tucker has some other good shots he should be putting up soon. Gotta love a little tailing action.

Capt. Graham Hegamyer
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Never chased one down but… I sure have felt like smacking one with a stick!!! :smiley:

Good on you for posting honest photos. Now… should we have a conversation about putting pressure on fish? :smiley:

Kidding, of course. Great photos. :wink:

Tracking up the marsh,destroying marsh grasses,chasing a harmless fish minding it’s own business.Shame on you.Great pics :slight_smile: :0


I’ll bet he even stepped on an innocent fiddler crab. I gotta say, I have never seen a red caught that way.

great read & shots, thanks

Graham,you should have grabbed him with your teeth.that would have been impressive.

Let’s not forget the pollution lelt behind as the photographer most likely wet himself from laughing so hard while taking these photo’s!!!

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Close up shot, redfish eating a fly

That was some funny stuff right there

Hahaha…this is funny to me, because just last week, I went thru almost the same exact thing! Except I landed the fish and when I brought him up for a photo op, I dropped him <—that’s when the rodeo began of me trying to grab the fish with my hands, I had him in my hands about 5 times, but I couldn’t keep a grip of him and was unsuccessful recapturing him…and the fish swam away for another day.
Good job on your part!!
And Great shots!

Here was one of Tucker’s

Capt. Graham Hegamyer
Southern Tail Charters
Light-Tackle Inshore
843.991.8372 -

KILLER shots!

Great shots. Still looking for my first “Flats Red”

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“My fish served a whole lunchon. Your fish look like a munchkin”

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:smiley:Awesome shots!:smiley:

And people think fly fishing is glamorous. :smiley:

‘Tuck’… has it really been THAT long since you caught a fish on the fly???

I’m drinking a beer to your efforts. Cheers. :wink:

I wish i were sitting in a boat watching that.It look funny.


Haha. thats awesome

Love the closeup of the red taking the fly. Great post & pics!