G2 Precision

Well, got another rifle on the way. Gonna be another chambered in .223 Wylde, Proof Research carbon fiber barrel with a NIGHTFORCE 2.5-10 X 42 NXS MOAR C458. Plus more.

He sent me 3 pics of rifles being built for a Morgan Lutrell vs Trump Jr. competition. 300 WM. Will build in any caliber.

Want one of them, gonna take a moment to consider, as I really have been wanting something in 6.5 Creedmoor…

Anyway, gonna get a singed Lone Survivor book by Marcus Lutrell tossed in.

Can text pics of those 3 rifles if ya want.

Gotta run.


Dang DoubleN, you springing some serious money on a fantastic scope. For that money, you might consider a thermal imager? They have come down in price considerably. Post some pic when you get it. I’m looking to rescope one of my ar’s for use as a hunting rifle, too hard finding .270 rounds. Not going that extravagant, but the Acog fiber optic scope is terrible in low light and looking in shadows close to sunset, so it’s gonna get put in storage.

Fred, I have a Bering Optics Super Hogster already on the previous G2 AR I purchased.

May try again soon to post pics. Have had no luck, so gave up awhile back.


dang it bo, you eradicating hogs commercially? or just have it for “fun”. That’s a serious rascal of a scope. Met a dude a couple of weeks ago shooting an ar style in 6.5 Creedmoor. He’s was out in Texas now doing some work around here. Don’t remember the brand thermal he said he was using but the price range he stated was close to yours.

Nothing commercial. When I went down this road, with the thermal and night vision, had couple of guy’s that shoot a lot of hogs at night that I was jacked about going with. After learning more and them sayin, be ready to run from Mr Green Jeans, and then one shot out his passenger side mirror on the F250, I was a NO.

Too old for all that. In my late teens and twenties, hell yeah.

Still a work in progress purchasing some land, but have something else coming up soon for more hog eradication.

With all that said, I love buying guns, and never sell. Fortunate to have a bride that is full bore on getting anything I want.

I just add that it will be passed down to our only son…gets her every time, lol.


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