Never used the landing before but looking to get back down and do some fishing. Used to use IOP for my boats but not paying that money now. Would I be able to get my 17’ alunimum Xpress in at gadsdenville? I have a hydraulic Jack plate on the boat to help with shallow water but have never been to the ramp and didn’t know exactly what to expect. Any help is appreciated.

Mid tide rising only. Get out 3 hrs before low. Ask me how I know

Kinda what I figured. May just be better to use Garris and make the run down then.

I’m not discouraging you, just sayin you got like a 6 hour window. there’s good bass fishing right there on the grassline south of the ramp in copahee.

that ramp was known for locals vandalizing parked vehicles 10 years ago, but I think gentrification has purged alotta the problem.

It seems more suited to kayaks that anything else. You do NOT want to miss that window.

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DF you remember the term that got coined for getting outta there? i’ll wait.

That sounds a bit ominous.

Copahee stomp when you’re dragging your rig back to the ramp cause all the water dropped out

I thought you coined it. You got Alzheimer’s bro?

Not Alzheimer’s, job fatigue and a little old age. As I told my youngest over Christmas. My brain is a 4-drawer file cabinet, and 3 drawers are full. The 4th drawer is 3/4 full so, I have to be selective about what I put into it these days, so I don’t run out of room too soon.

But of course, now it all comes back to me. I did some things when I was younger. Don’t tell anyone.

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