Gamecam pictures

Let’s see em. What are you excited about? What are you waiting on to walk out?!

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That is a healthy looking buck. And a guilty looking coon.






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Nice buck on 16 acres

The largest rack I saw last year came from a 10 acre plot of hardwoods, surrounded by subdivisions, just outside Simpsonville city limits.

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Shot this one this morning at 8
FMNF bow hunt


That’s a great public land bow buck! Certainly a challenge not many would take on!

He looks tasty

Hoping my son can get him with the bow…I promised him I would hold off, not that he would show up…


EF, I text that to Df and 23 this morning and of course son and DIL.

DIL replied, Huge and looks mean. I replied with he has your eyes, lol.


If I remember correctly, when the spread is past the outside of ears when they’re straight out it’s an estimated 18” spread so I’m guessing that’s a 22” spread

Be a nice bow harvest!

That is some spread for sure. Keep us posted.

My son got him this morning with the bow!

Buck was walking straight away from him just over 20 yards. He was at full draw and had to grunt to try to get him to turn. All buck did was turn head and body just enough to slip it in there. I’m biased, but it was a perfect shot! First shot at something live with the new Mathews!

I was in another stand when he text me. I was so excited, lol.

Easy blood trail to follow, but right down ridge to edge of creek.

Thank God for the side by side and long rope!!

Ground blind and ionizer. Perhaps they do work…19" spread to outside.



That is bada$$.Congrats to you and your son!

Your son will never forget the rush of his first bow kill!

Congratulations to you , Sir, for raising a young Man!!

Not first, but best. Super exciting and Thanks