Garris Landing

Good day, All,

I’ve never put in at Garris but will be planning a trip with my Dad. Ultimately, we’d like to target reds, sheepshead and trout. I’d like to know your opinions on where to fish, boat traffic, current strength, best artificial baits and colors, and anything else you have gained from experience.

Thanks in advance.

I fished that area all summer last year. On the weekend the boat traffic can be a little heavy, however, they usually peel off towards Capers/Bulls pretty quick. I have had a ton of luck fishing the creeks entering the ICW all around Garris using live mullet/shrimp and jigs with numerous trailers. Popping corks are great in that area as well. Lots of kayaks out there so current should not be an issue.

The reds around the creeks near the landing are a little spooky, but they are out there…watch for boats!