Garris today

Went out of garris landing today and shrimped in 2ft of water right outside where people deep hole. Wasn’t hard to find shrimp, they were jumping all over. Got 3/4 cooler but could of easily filled but had a newbie with me learning.Shrimp were all sizes,mainly medium

Wanted to note that only saw one other boat drive by the whole time there

is that landing open to anybody or have restrictions? thanks

Free public launch. Opens daybreak closes at dark. No dock,very shallow at low tide… Be careful

That ramp is horrible. The membership fee is unbelievably high. There no fish or shrimp or anything else nearby. Avoid at all costs

“I am not involved in this thread, only helping Fred understand who he is dealing with.”

Free ramp? Owned by state. Been going for years. Many great red fish spots? Three trips shrimping this year and almost full cooler every trip? Must be thinking of another ramp?

no, Mr. Pod is trying the ole reverse psychology on you…obviously he is not aware of your super powers to read through his bull&@&$t :))

good report BTW…glad to hear somebody is catching them up there…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

haaaha…that’s to funny thanks for the heads up…looks like my Sunday destination… thank you

Good ramp at high a SOB at low! Try to launch and load on 1/2 tide or better unless you have canoe or air boat!

It’s cool. I don’t mind sharing what I catch and where. Want to see all catch a lot of shrimp. Get out about 45 min prior to low tide. Ride around in 2 ft of water and just watch for shrimp jumping in your wake. Set up at dead low and get them coming in.good luck

Mike T, you may have to walk a bit on Sunday if you come in planning on that perfect launch time. But yes stay away from dead low there. It is nasty all the way our. Oh, be careful around the pole in the middle of the bay. It is a boat catching experience.


I agree, if you don’t know your way around it can be treacherous.