Gas leaking

I have a 15hp Evinrurd that is leaking gas where the tank hose plugs into the motor. I have bought a new fitting for the hose and put it on, but it still is leaking. It gusses out when I pump the bulb when I hook up the line to get pressure on the line. The motor runs fine, but I hate that oily gas is escaping into the water. Do I need to change out the motor(male) connection to solve this issue? Any advice would be appreciated.

Yes. Make sure the hose is the same size as the fitting. Trace the leak to the part and inspect. Tighten clamps or change the part. If you need a fitting for the hose I’ll give you one. Just found 3 today.

Scout 185

All hose clamps are tight. The leak is when the female connection attached to the hose is attached to the male motor connection just below where the tiller arm pivots.Tthe leak is definately between these when hooked up.

Replace the male part. Make sure your hoses are not dry rotted.

Scout 185

I believe there is an “O” ring on the male extension. It sounds like you may be missing this item.


Look here, order here. Check your seal out

Scout 185