Gas Logs Won't Light

So, my wife asked me to light the gas logs yesterday as she likes to warm her buns when it starts getting cold. I got the pilot light lit no problem but, the burner won’t light. When I flip the switch, I hear a barely audible “tink”, but nothing happens. Usually, the burner lights right up.

I cleaned the thermocouple and the pilot light with a brush and blew everything out with compressed air, but the burner still won’t light. The pilot light is mostly blue with just the tip being slightly yellow. Everything I have read says the flame should be totally blue.

I have exhausted my not so vast knowledge of gas logs, so I am coming to the CF community. Any ideas?

Sounds like the thermo coupler to me.

If the logs don’t light then no gas is flowing out of the burners.

If the burners are clean and can pass air then no gas is flowing to them. As already said, the thermocouple is the likely culprit.

I’ll check that out. Usually, I can’t even get the pilot light to stay lit if the thermocouple is dirty but, maybe it just needs to be replaced.

It’s always something.

You’ve done everything that I know to do. I had that issue a few years back. Took it out of the fireplace and took it to my local “gas logs” guy. He cleaned it and replaced the thermocouple. Worked like a champ after that.

Yeah, after scouring the internet and doing everything I am capable of doing, I am going to have to take it to an expert. They are 23 years old so it may just be time for a new set.

My “honey-do” list just continues to grow.

A new set, believe it or not, is probably going to cost you $1,000. At least that’s the estimate I got to replace my same size. And that was a few years ago.

Yours is probably very fixable. You just might have to remove it and take it somewhere.

Yeah, I’ll probably try that first. A frameless glass shower door last year was $1,500. This year it is $2,000. Everyone is using the old, “things cost more now”. Sure as heck aren’t looking to spend anymore $ right now.

Found out it is the gas valve. The manufacturer is no longer in business, but I’ll search for a replacement for the time being and hope for the best. Really not looking to drop $700 - 1,000 on gas logs when I am in the middle of a bathroom renovation.

Whatever happened here?

Man, I’m sorry I didn’t update my own post. Between the heater on our sunporch dying at the same time and trying to finish up a bathroom remodel, we decided to rough it and do the gas logs later. That was actually my wife’s decision and it surprised me because she loves to sit in front of them.

After doing some looking around, it was going to cost around $1,000. There are so many options/variations available now, so we decided to hold off, do some research and get them later this year.

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If you can swing it, now might be a great time to find a deal on close out log sets?

So many DIY projects going on right now and planning a trip but, I’m keeping my eyes open. My wife loves a “deal”.