Gas n oil

Gotta a yam 2 stroke. I have always put premium octane 93 and yamalube in my boat. Due to a tightening budget, I question if this actually prolongs the life of the motor or if it’s just piece of mine for the me?

buffalope, i have a 2 stroke johnson. i’ve ran pretty much the full selection of fuel (except diesel…) and have settled on the octane just above the lowest…sorry I can’t remember the exact number. I’ve heard however that if you’re boat is going to sit for longer periods of time, that you want to stay away from the cheaper gas (ethanol issues).

so in my opinion, i’d just run a medium grade gas with a fuel additive.

There is no advantage to run higher octane fuels if the engine has been design to operate on 87 octance. The exception is that if the boat sits for a long time the octane decreases so having higher octane would somewhat offset this.

Running a good quality oil has much more of an effect on the engine with regards to carboning of the rings and plug fouling.

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Aren’t all TC-W3 oils the same?

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TC-W3 is a “standard” but every brand has different additives they mix in with the oil. Some additives clean the engine some end up causing build up in the engine like Quaker State oil back in the 70’s etc etc etc. I would stay with a name brand oil, older motors are more forgiving but modern ones.

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What hairball said.

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