Gas treatment

Just wanted to share with everyone. Was getting the boat ready for shrimping and of course after setting up for the year the yamaha fired up right away but was missing badly. I had fresh gas and new plugs so I knew I was looking at carb. rebuild or at least a cleaning. I talked to a friend and he swore on a treatment called techron. I got a bottle and added to the gas and within 5 minutes she had settled out and was purring like a kitten.

There ain’t no But in Black and White

Where did you get it from?


I found it at Walmart for 6-7 dollars and pretty sure autozone has it also.I really believe it this stuff,it has worked on my yamaha and my merc

There ain’t no But in Black and White

Im facing the same thing rt now with my Yammy 115. Will def try it before the alternative and will report my findings. Thanx!

Pretty sure techron is same thing as the yamaha ring free, but have the cost.

Yamaha Ring Free is fancy Techron.