GCR Bass Report

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sure i do. I’m about the only one i know that catches 3-4 lb SMALLIES out of the brackish ■■■■ ashley river all day long! I know a lot of people who are bass fanatics like myself and no one likes the GCR. Always too many ■■■■ boats and always an ass of people fishing, only people who catch any good fish there are the people that fish there all of the time. I have a private 15 acre pond I also fish and caught a 8lb 6 oz early this year to add to my collection of 5 and 6 #ers. I know what I’m doing bro, the GCR is for people who fish the GCR. Keep it. :smiley:

just one question. if no one likes the GCR and yet there are so many people that fish it, how can that be? you kinda contradicted yourself. just wondering, must not be to bad of a place if so many people go there. i have fished there some and never had any kind of problems with other boats or it being overcrowded. as far as annoying jet skis, name a public body of water where there wont be any on any given day.

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Yes unless he has the lower saluda confused with goose creek.

Reelemin, i’m actually going up to Table Rock State Park area this weekend and staying on the middle saluda. Do you know if there are there smallies in there?