If all goes well I’ll be lookin at eating a few geese this year. What are some good recipes and or ways to prepare them?

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field dress breast only, put in a zip lock bag with some Italian dressing over night, beat with tenderizing hammer and put it on the grill.

Breast only cut into 1" squares and put it in the crock pot with some potatoes, onion, and whatever else you want.

cube breast into 1" squares, soak overnight in butter milk, bread with your favorite breader and deep fry.

Always shoot the leader of the V! That’s the biggest one and is why it’s the leader! After you shoot that one the rest of them will be confused and will fly around the same place until they take a vote and pick a new leader. That milling around will give you a chance for a few more. If you keep shooting the new leader you may just get them all! After you get them home pick a good spot like your mothers kitchen and go to feather pickin. If you can get a ahold of a lot of wax heat it up in a 5 gallon can until melted. Dunk each goose in the wax and let it set up until hard. Then you can pull the feathers off in sheets. After you get the big feathers off start on the little pin feathers. You might need some tweezers to get them all! You want to get them because no one wants pin feathers caught in between their teeth! Now that all that is done, skin the bird and throw it in the garbage can because they taste nasty:imp::smiley::smiley:

Them Bastards come down like bags of wet cement! Breasts only. Cut into Strips, salt, pepper and accent. Stir Fry! I LIKE Sichuan stir fry!

I cut out the breasts only. One can feed four people.

I like to cut it in cubes and prepare it just like beef in a stew. It’s more tender than beef, and my wife and I both like it.

If they weren’t so hard to bring down, I’d eat them all the time. They are like flying tanks!

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Marinate Breasts
1 part soy sauce
1 part Worcestershire sauce
hot sauce to taste
marinate overnite or longer
place on hot grill to sear a couple minutes
Move to colder part of grill or top rack and cook til center is just warm and red.
Slice thin.
Tastes like good beef.

Check out Scott Leysath’s site. He’s a great chef and a good dude too. I’ve had several of his recipes for venison, wild pig, and waterfowl. Friend of mine used this coffee rub on some ducks and he raved about it.

I’ve made the goose tacos and they are surprisingly really good. I added some cumin and cayenne to mine and cooked in a crock pot. The meat was tender you could make several other dishes after the meat was done and shredded.

along with the breasts theres nothing wrong with the legs either as they still have plenty of meat on them and dont take long at all to skin out, however the wings are more work than theyre worth. goose is dark meat like beef or venison but is a bit tough if not cooked right. i always liked to cut the breast and leg meat into cubes, beat with a meat mallet, season, then toss in the crock pot with vegetables, garlic, seasoning, and a can of beef gravy.

I killed one once. Took it home and picked it clean then cooked it like a Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. It looked AWESOME when done! I should have taken a picture and chewed on that because it was the same texture:dizzy_face::dizzy_face:.

Soon after that we were at a friends house and had some that had been cooked in an oven bag (whole) and it was falling off the bone awesome!

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Yakman, Try this guy out…http://honest-■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■-goose-recipes/

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Only way to eat local geese, Make sausage out of them. I hope to kill some this year to make a bunch of it.

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Best way Ive found is in an oven bag and like others said, treat it like beef I guess, potatoes and carrots, yummy good

Heard alot of guys refer to geese as “sky carp”. Not sure I would want to eat anything that has gained that nickname! Certain geese species are supposed to be good though I thought.

Wow looks like a lot of mixed responses. Guess ill have to make a go of it for myself,
Has, elaborate on the sausage? And whenever you want to hunt I’m ready any Saturday of the season

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Had it a lot of ways…The surefire way is to make sausage from it. Like Haz r dous said.

Hey yakman…those geese try to hang out around my pond a lot and I run them off cause they make such a mess. Never been crazy about eating them, but you are welcome to shoot them bast…ds next time they show up. They are not tame geese to my knowledge. Look like regular Canadians to me. I shoot around them with a .45 and they get the hint to leave.

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Are you actually going to hunt or are you just “talking” about going

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Bwulmer, thanks buddy, i’ll PM you
Mr. Phinfreak i don’t know, why dont you stay tuned for a report since you seem to watch my posts jacka$$

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You have to stuff the body cavity to remove the “off flavors”. Apples, or potatoes work great. DO NOT eat those, throw them out when finished. You also have to poke or prick the skin frequently to help remove those off flavors too. This help to crisp the skin as well. Find some good duck recipes and substitute the goose for it. Doing all the above and add and orange or plum glaze to the bird and you have a 5 star meal on the table.

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I take mine and season it up good and bake it on a cedar plank in the oven at 400 for 2.5 hours, take it out and throw the goose away and naw on the cedar plank. lol