gel coat gouge - fix it?

Do you guys think this is just cosmetic, or something that needs to be fixed (see the two pictures)?

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Well, I’m getting a “internal server error”, so I can’t upload the zoomed in picture…

Sea Hunt 235 Ultra 250 Yamaha

No cracking of the gel coat around the margins of the gouge. Ergo, it does not appear that the fiberglass in that area flexed much, at all. So, I think that is just cosmetic. Get a gel coat repair kit from West Marine or similar and patch it. West Marine sells a kit that comes with thickened gel coat (they call it a paste), a few tint colors (white is never quite ‘white’), hardener, and a little piece of plastic film to help smooth and seal the repair. Do a little tiny spot to see how it behaves. Then, tackle the main gouge.

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Yes it’s cosmetic and yes it should be fixed. Also, what Palmer said!

Should be a fairly easy fix if your at all handy! Watch a few youtube vids on the subject and get at it! You will have to peel back that pin stripe a little, but once it is all said and done, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to do.

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Good deal, thanks!

Sea Hunt 235 Ultra 250 Yamaha

Spectrum makes gelcoat repair kits. They probably have the match for your boat, but you can search your boat on their site. I had a ding from docking and mine was a perfect match and easy to do! As others said there are YouTube videos with tips, tricks, etc

Spectrum for sure. DO it right the first time, get the correct color.