Gelcoat Oxidation Mitigation With EF

Let’s do this on a budget, whatcha say?

Harbor Freight variable speed buffer and pads, about $125 bucks

Compound, polish, and wax another $45

Another 5 or 10 dollars on incidentals

It’s gonna be shinny like 23’s freshly washed baby boys hinny, just you wait and see.

15 minutes in…

break time

the union says they gotta give me time off to eat

So far, so good

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I love a dark hull but would never own one because I am too lazy to do that work.

Lookin’ good!!


My yellow hull is so chalky the puddle in my driveway looks like milk after a wash

I can barely lift my arms, lol. I can’t imagine doing this without a mechanical buffer.

Just finished compounding the exterior, and you can see from the pics above that it looks pretty good.

Tomorrow I’ll polish and buff it out if my arms will cooperate.

Maybe make like Mr. Miagee on Sunday and do the wax on, wax off kung fu thing.

Its hard for me to believe that people on one hand will spend scads of money on a boat and then outfit it with the best electronics and do-dads money can buy. Then on the other hand skimp on things like a good UV resistant boat cover and a good once a year wax.

seems odd, thats all. they’ll eat the cow and choke on the tail. beats all Ive ever stepped in.

lookin good. I just waxed mine by hand but it’s not in too bad a shape to use a coarse pad with compound I don’t think. May have to stop by harbor freight next year.

Finished polishing and buffed that out.

The polish filled in a lot of the swirl marks and tiny scratches/imperfections in the gelcoat.

I thought about skipping the polishing because the compound did such job, but glad I didn’t. It’s a little more shinny, but the flaws are much less noticable.

I can’t remember my arms being so tired in a long time. I pretty much dispise manual labor anymore, so there’s that too.

Two thirds of the way done,that’s what my crew told me on my last birthday too, lol

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Nice work Captain!!

wow, i wish i could save this thread and come back next year to see your materials and read this again. i mean that is night and day

@snickers is there a way to save threads to a favorites or can you eventually make that happen?

Probably 12 or 14 hours all said and done, I just finished.

Way more than half of the work was on the compounding obviously, I’d say 60%.

Next, the polishing was probably 20%, but mainly because I did good work on the compounding, it’s kinda like caulk and paint after all the hard works done.

Then 20% on just one coat of wax. I should do two today, but I’m beat and soon the Mighty Volunteers from Tennessee play the 3rd game of a best of 3 to see who goes to Omaha to play for all the marbles.

God Bless Tony Vitello and the Big Orange Nation

Oh yeah, this is the finished product, thanks for the click and kind words



nobody look at the wheels, :joy:

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