Genes, or spoon fed?

This Buck survived his mother being killed by a car last spring.

His first years rack is impressive!

He’s, now, hanging out with the herd of Does, I posted in the “Colds got 'em bunched” pics.

Is it his genes, or interaction with humans, (bottle feeding) that caused the growth of his rack?

Should be really nice next year, if it’s his genes!

Wish I could tell ya… probably a combo of both. Just be warned a tame buck can be disaster waiting to happen. Come rut they can totally change and really hurt you since they are not scared of you. Seen it first hand from a bottle fed buck that you would have thought was your best buddy for life. Don’t trust him.

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I hear you Fred. He’s been “wild” for a few months now. He has a twin sister, that he’s been beating up on pretty bad lately. Not sure if she came in heat late? That’s why he was put out with the other herd.

Mixed, over the last several years I’ve been finding scrapes as late as February. We see most fawns April-June, but I’ve seen em as late as August and September. If a doe doesn’t take in primary rutt she’ll come back in heat 28 days later, and so on until she is bred. DNR says we have a 98% breed rate on our does.

Cool! If his genes are good, at least his twin sister can pass them on. I’ve always heard that Trophy Buck lineage is passed through the mother anyway?

Man, if he lives a few years, that rack could get really impressive with all those points.