Getting a boat off a trailer in the yard...

I’m not very motor boat savvy and I want to get a 14’ McKee with 55hp off a trailer so I can use the trailer otherwise. I’d want to be able to get the McKee back on the trailer one day. I don’t live on the water (dang it!) so I’m wanting to do this in my yard. Boat and motor probably weigh about 1/2 ton.
Do I need to build some kind of support and come-along the boat backward onto it or is there some easier way involving advanced telekinesis?

Thanks for help,

Go to LOwes and buy 3 hay bails! position one on each side of the motor,jack down trailer,silde bails under transom,jack up trailer. this should lift rear of boat off tra. gently pull tra. out from under boat as it gets close to bow insert other bail of hay. remember to remove plug so boat wont fill in rain storm. Use winch to put back on tra. I do it all of the time even with a 28’ twin inboard using more bails!

Old tires make a cheap or free boat rest. Back up to a tree or post and place the tires as you pull the boat off of the trailer. It also helps to reduce some friction if you wet the runners before pulling the boat off of the trailer, and before winching it back on.

…Politicians aren’t the “Oldest Profession”, but the results are still the same!!!

Thanks! I knew I’d get a mix of experience and common sense here. Now I’ve got a boat up on tires in my yard. I guess I finally officially gained redneck status? (puffs chest)

elite status is gained by a sofa on the front porch.
and a non working fridge on the front porch.

It’s official indeed!! Welcome my friend.

…Politicians aren’t the “Oldest Profession”, but the results are still the same!!!