Getting Leaf Stains Out of Fiberglass

So, I haven’t been paying adequate attention to the boat over the past couple of months and just realized that the cover had ripped and a ton of leaves and water had blown inside the boat. Now I have some pretty severe stains in the stern from the leaves and about an inch of standing water back there. It doesn’t seem to have hurt anything else but it looks like hell. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of the stains for at least minimize them?

Thanks for the help.

Bleach and water. Let it stand, if you can! If you can’t let it stand on the area soak a white cloth and put it over the area.

Barkeepers Friend,simple green or the bleach idea.

Double D.

X 2 on the Barkeepers Friend. Make a paste of it with water and let it sit for a while on the stain.

Try the heavy duty Mr. Clean magic eraser… I’ve used it on my boat and it worked great. Seriously, try it…

x 3 on bar keepers friend or another similiar product is Zud.


This subject always surprises me when people suggest the bar keepers friend, (I know it works but you gotta scrub with it, at walmart for 9 bucks, you can buy Hull Cleaner, NOTHING works better! no scrubbing whatsoever and will work on practically all stains including waterline, Simply wipe on and let sit for few minutes rinse, done!

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Toilet bowl cleaner from the dollar store does the same thing as hull cleaner if you want to save money. Compare active ingredients. Spread it with a brush or sponge. Scrub a little if stubborn. Rinse off. Most stains will disappear as soon as the stuff contacts them. Don’t get it on skin or in eyes…
Bleach ruins upholstery thread and etches aluminum. I may use it in fish boxes only, if at all.
Remember all the stuff above takes your wax off… So more prone to staining if not rewaxed.

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what phin said

is oxalic acid also in toilet bowl cleaner?

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They make the barkeepers friend in a liquid form and it is much easier to use and it still works great!

Another product that works really well and is designed for this application is FSR by Davis. We sell it at Duncan’s Boats in North Charleston off Leeds Ave. It works well for any rust, scum line, or similar stains on fiberglass.
We stock the 16oz. size. Good luck!

Thanks y’all. I was pretty bummed. The stains in the stern are really bad. I was dreading the next time I had buddies on the boat and had to explain my slackness. I may try a couple and report back with results. This is definitely a test case.

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I’ve only used a product called “On & Off Gel”, but it worked great. When I bought my boat, it had been sitting under some live oaks for who knows how long and the inside looked rough - got it back to bright white w/little or no effort on my part. brush a little on, and you can literally watch the stains disappear, then rinse off. I’ve heard that it can do nasty things to some metals (particularly galvanized, ie trailer parts) and it isn’t the cheapest, so there might be something better but this worked great for me.

I’ll have to try the toilet bowl cleaner when this stuff runs out, good tip.

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On & Off is a great product. Be really careful around any plastic/rubber trim though because it will eat it up! We stock On & Off as well at Duncan’s.

Barkeepers Friend. It is like magic eraser.

Starbrite rust stain remover. Works great on the stains. Just don’t breath the fumes.

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I second or third the On & Off, the only thing we use

Just a good cleaning, keeping it clean and (believe it or not) sunlight.

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At ACE hardware they sell “Wood Bleach” which is crystallized Oxalic acid. Sprinkle some in about an inch of warm water, stir to dissolve, Apply with a brush/sponge, but no scrubbing required. Let sit for a minute… Gone. Will make your stained boat look showroom new.
I think its the same ingredient in Barkeepers friend. Not sure how the price compares but probably similar if not better. You will have to rewax. Keep it away from your skin and don’t inhale… bad stuff. Will give you dain bramage.

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