Getting your fly down to the trout

Any ideas on getting the your flies down to trout during the winter months. I suppose I could put some split shots on the line.
Any other ideas.
Seems like I catch more fish fishing the bottom then top and middle water column.

Weighted Flies?

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Throw a sinking line and/or sinking leader.

17’ Henry O Hornet w/ Johnson 88 spl
26’ Palmer Scott project hull
14’ Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25

I use a sinking line which seems to do the trick-4-6 ft. I’ve never been deeper then that with a fly.

I prefer a sinking line for any depth of 10’ or greater. Under 10’ a floating line & weighted fly usually works fine unless the current is strong. Then I like the sinking line regardless of the depth.

Sinking lines are available in various sink rates too.

I use the general rule of shorter leader/tippet combination with sinking lines than with floating lines.

I bought one sink tip (10’) years ago & never really found much use for it for the fishing I did.