Gigging report 10/30/2014

Got out gigging for the first time in a long while in hopes that the fall numbers would produce and they didn’t disappoint! Tide was low around 8:30, met my buddy Preston at the landing at 8:15 and dumped the boat in. Made our way to the gigging grounds and immediately stuck a fish within the first 30 seconds of pulling up. Steady numbers all night long until it got too deep to see anymore. Called it quits around 1130. Final tally was 20 flounder, average size was 17-18" and the biggest went 21. By far the biggest overall average size I’ve had on a gigging trip. Consistency was there as it was steady all night. Cant’ beat this time of year for gigging, when the flounder push up in numbers and size and the water is crystal clear. Only two other boats at the ramp last night. Hoping this cold front will push through and not mess them up too badly! Fried flounder sammich for lunch today!:smiley:

Nice doormats! Were they laying down deep in the water? I am hoping this blows through quick too so we can hit it again next week.

good stickin bo

Nice report and thanks for sharing. Only 1 red? See any sheeps?

We saw plenty of reds, I would just rather catch them on rod and reel than stick them. Saw 1 sheepshead, however he saw me at the same time and bolted. Flounder were pretty shallow and sticking out like sore thumbs for the most part! Most were in about a foot of water. We did stick two 17"ers that were laying nose to nose in about 4" of water on an oyster bed!