Girls day out - YS

The youngest youngen finally said she wanted to go back out on the boat and do the 2 things on her hit list for the day which was find the first tooth :heavy_check_mark: and catch the first fish :heavy_check_mark:
So today was about her with big siss and momma bear doing the girl thang! They found 152 teeth in about 2 hours so that’s how you keep them entertained and smiling 'n profiling!!!
Youngen Style



Keep it up!

That’s awesome! great day for ya’ll

What, no crocks?

Good stuff, best keep that sharktooth stash spot secret, lol.

Not that youngen, crocs were on the hill during the easter tooth hunt :grinning:

Looks like you’ve found a Honey Hole.

As a kid with dad in Taiwan, Mom and my Aunt would take me most every weekend to Edisto Beach. Mid 70’s. you could really load up! Mom got me a post card with all identification and I would later sort them out into separate jars. Not sure what happened with my collection. Lot’s of stuff in the attic went missing when I was in the service.

Been a bit since I’ve hung out on that Beach, but after the renourishment projects you rarely find them there now.

I don’t dive, but have a couple friends that do. They have retrieved some massive Megalodon’s as well as all kinds of stuff Somewhere over hard bottom on the Broad River and a couple of places on the Asheepoo. Still a lot found walking sand bars above Martin’s landing on the Edisto. Thanks for posting!!