Gobble gobble gobble

Hope all you turkeys are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Remember keep all our military in our thoughts and prayers today

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Right on, OTC, on BOTH accounts, VERY VERY thankful for our vets, and for my family, home, and the good Lord of course!!!

Also thankful for my great fishing buddies, and memories over the years, just talk about fishing now days, but that is great too.

Happy fishing to all, and happy turkey day.

In the USNavy we always had traditional turkey with all the fixings on board ships.

Back at ya, OTC.


Thank you! Just got back from my sister’s house. Stuffed to the gills.

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A repeat pic post… but I couldn’t have asked for a better day!!! Missed out on one of my Grands, but I get to see her tomorrow. One traditional baked Turkey and one Air Fried.

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Dang Fred…
You put on the feast.

I get back home Tuesday I’ll try to remember to dig out a couple pictures of a Marine corps Thanksgiving dinner.