Going tuesday

I’m going to put in at the dam on Murray Tuesday morning at daylight, does anybody know if the guys with the bait boats will be there on the weekdays?

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We don’t usually start from the dam, but have been told that the bait boats are there at 0500 and have gotten bait there at 0600 in the past, so don’t think you will have any problem at first light. I’m sure that some of the folks who usually start from there will confirm that we’re not telling you any lies or that the bait guys have come up with a change in schedule we don’t know about.

Good luck.

Yea, these days they are there about 5.

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Are the bait guys every day? or only certain days of the week. I know one of them is not there tuesday or wednesday. Pleaselet us know.I am planning to go wednesday. Thanks.

They’ve always both been there when I’ve had a chance to go on a weekday morning, but it’s usually at the latter part of the week. You’re right. I didn’t realize Richard wasn’t there Tues or Wed, but David is there.

Thinking about getting out for a couple of hours myself before work on Wed am.

'07 198 DLX Carolina Skiff
FS90 Suzuki