Good dive shop

Living in Beaufort, need a good scuba repair shop for some work on regulators and spear gun.
Thank in advance.

charleston scuba, Sally the owner is great

except I hear Charleston Scuba not Spear friendly… Lowcountry Scuba in Mt. Pleasant or International Diving institute on the old navy base for good reg service by long time professional (Navy Diver owned) divers…

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Gotta check out the Institute, I’m a retired navy diver and may know him. Thanks for the info.

Sea Island Divers is a local shop 575-3562. They are at the foot of the broad river bridge. Small shop but seem very knowldgable. Recently had my regs reworked there by Jason. No Complaints at all. Have 2 more sets I intend to drop by his place this week actually.

x2 Lowcountry SCUBA - Vic’s d’man.

Charleston SCUBA is not fishermen friendly either.

Lowcountry Scuba is perfect for you. All the reg work is done by ONE man, and you speak to him face top face. 30-405 less expensive than Chas Scuba, who does nothing with spearguns or hunting. Stay away from C Scuba unless you are ok with higher prices on EVERYTHING and a bit of an uppity attitude by staff members who have less than 10% of my log hours. (Been diving since 1976).

Plug for Charleston SCUBA: They are tree hugger and environmentally conscious. Not my style but obviously there folks out there that would learn plenty from Tom and Sally. I would not dive with them as I’m a wreckless touch, retouch, take it home cuz I want to, fish killing machine. If I want to go out and do some photography, video, sand tiger or other creature tour, I’d go w/ Tom and Sally and put on my more effeminite game face. :wink: I did have a little episode getting tanks filled once or twice, but that might have been cuz I was in a hurry… not sure. For sure: don’t tell them you have a speargun or collect shells.