Good News :) Bad News :(

Hey Guys

The bad news first…… I’m leaving Charleston :frowning: Yeah it’s gonna kill me to leave.

The good news…… I’ll be only 3 hours away in Greenwood SC, could not turn down a $14,000 pay raise.

Looks like I’ll have to start working on a “Patented Striper Slayer” and put it to work in Lake Greenwood :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted on any success I have out there.

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welcome to the upstate…I am outside Laurens and usually fish lake Murray…why don’t you try to join stillfishn’ ,cutmullet, and myself for a striper(thats my target) trip just below the dam at lake wateree…if not …post up if you have luck at greenwood…I could make it there quicker than Murray,but believe Murray has a much better striper program…again …welcome and good luck !

I spent the better part of 8 years up in Easley… further up the road than Greenwood. It’s beautiful up there. You can work on stripers in the central part of the state or head up to the mountains for trout. Or go to Lake Jocassee (sp) and try a little bit of everything from largemouth, to lake trout, to pike and muskie. That is one interesting lake with areas 400 ft deep 25 yards from shore.
have fun and remember you can always get down here on long weekends,

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…I’ll come see ya’ Skinky. Kris & I love Dreher Island. :smiley:

…don’t forget guy …“Cobia” Mother’s Day Weekend Broad River :wink:

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You had better back taxes out of the 14000 and then figure the extra gas you are going to spend driving to the coast and back every other weekend. Once you have lived on the coast it never gets out of you system. I know because I left and would love to get back.
Good luck on the move. If you would fish out of a boat I could take you out on Greenwood and catch some bucketmouth bass. Great lake to fish for the Largemouths.

Me and TBjr are going to miss you down here in the “Ville.” We’ll send photos when we can.
I want to thank you for taking the time to show us how to catch the Reds. You’ve help make a lifetime fisherman out of my son.
Let me know when you’ll be down this way, I’d love to fish with you again.
Best of luck,

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Jimmy Buffett can have Margaritaville, I’m going to Redfishville!

Leaving Charleston…that sounds like bad news :frowning: bad news :frowning: to me!
We’ll miss seeing your posts holding those bull reds!

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Murray - Thanks for the invite once I get settled in, I’ll plan to join you for some lake kayak fishing. There’s a fishing guide who will fish Lake Greenwood for 8 to 9 hours for only 200 bucks, I’ll see if this guy is any good and let you know if I plan a trip with him. Hell, I figure 200 bucks would be a cheap way to learn a lot about Lake Greenwood.

Hey TB2 - Yeah being 200 miles from the Ville is gonna kill me :frowning_face: but I will be back for long weekends during the summer :smiley:. You’re welcome on the fishing knowledge… A friend of my Dad’s, Danny, showed me how to nail Reds and Snook in the Everglades as teenager and because of him I’ve spend a months of my life fishing shorelines for Reds and Snooks. Can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t fished with him. Hope you and TB2 Jr continue bustin’ those Red together :slight_smile:

Hey Shallowskiff - I’ll take you up on the invite. I’ll even buy the bait/gas/beers :slight_smile: Hell…as an ex-boater owner I’ll even help wash the boat afterwards. Plus I have an electronics background so if you have any electrical problems on the boat let me know.

Hey Paddlin4Reds - Let me know in advance when you plan a trip to Dreher Island, I’ll grab one of the cabins.

My ex-company here in Charleston has been known to bring people back so who knows what the future holds.

Best of luck to you all, and I’ll stay in touch from Greenwood.

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Don’t do it!!! I was born and raised in Gwood until I went to college in Charleston in 1998. I lived in Charleston until 2006. I know live in Charlottesville Va and I regret leaving Charleston everyday. I took a pay raise too and I wouldn’t leave Charleston for twice what I’m getting payed.
But if you do end up making the move there here are some most go places when you get up there.
Food- you have to go to the Dixie and get their famous Dixie Cheese 1/2 and 1/2. Awesome Cheeseburger w/ a 1/2 order of fries and onion rings.
Sweet Peas…here you get your choice of one meat and 3 veggies.
Migs Pizza Castle- This is a greek restraunt that has some of the best subs and obviously some good pizza.
Bar- You don’t have many choices so it won’t be a big secret…hit sports break.

Fishing Lake Greenwood isn’t the best b/c of all of the recreational boating. And the lake is dirty as hell! We would go to lake Murray or even drive to Lake Thurmond, or Clarkshill.

Good Luck Stinky but in 6 months don’t say I didn’t worn you!

Hey HotSauce

Thanks for the “Too-Late-Warning” :dizzy_face:.

Yeah it’s “Po-Dunk-Ville” there alright. I’ve been to some of the joints you mentioned. It’s still a good career choice for me, but it’s gonna put a big hurtin’ on my Red fishin’. I do get a lot of extra 3 day holidays now…the Federal/Bank types, so I’ll be coming to Chuck-Town on those 3 days weekends. I better start reserving the KOA cabins now :smiley:.

I’ll have to tap into the local Stripers to ease my pain :wink:

The only thing making me feel worse about my choice is seeing DD and the local crew posting all those photos of big mean ol’ Reds…good work guys :).

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