Good to be back among the living with you after an awful full year away from fishing

Hey fellas (and ladies), great to be back here with the ability to post and not just read after a year off of the water due to a failed knee replacement that resulted in 3 big surgeries in 2019. Finally found a surgical team who could get it done and got it done right in November so I’m just now getting back on the water in time for some cold water fishing which I don’t mind.

Got out this past weekend both days and found a small school of reds on the flats on day 1 in the upper Wando but managed to spook em with the big boat & TM… I was left red faced and just wishing I had a skiff at that moment… Nonetheless it was great to get out despite the NE wind and low light we had Sunday after church and get on some trout.

Reds on day 2 were not to be found on the flats (at least by me) that day with the low light as the sun penetration was just not there and so we shifted gears after hours of “looking” and went to catch fish we know we can find and boat; the coveted speckled trout. We managed to get quite a few bites on my favorite Winter time lure; the suspending jerkbait. I prefer various brands being a bass fisherman for so long but have settled in on my go to 9/10 times anymore the Lucky Craft Pointer 78 in either chartreuse shad or table rock shad depending on water clarity and light penetration. The results were solid and since I had the Mrs with me I look at my trips the way at guide does; I have to get bit or I’ll hear about it for sure!

Water temps both days were around 51-52 and depth target for me was 1-4 feet with some deeper holes (10+ feet) targeted but the Pointer 78 won’t dive much deeper than 5’ max with 100% floro. I was throwing 10lb co poly as I like a little stretch this time of year and the line visibility is super low with the brand I use (Izorline) but I do keep a reel with 100% Sunline (my go to floro) spooled up in 10# if I get in to gin clear which I did not see here on the Wando this weekend.

I did get a real itch to go to the ICW w

Glad your through all that mess w/ your knee and hope it continues to do great.

Sounds like a great time fishing and catching. Congrats.

Glad to have you back, sounds like quite an ordeal. I have heard many “once and done” knee replacement stories but just as many like yours. I wonder what the secret to a trouble-free replacement is?

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Don’t let Chuck D fool you. It was just a minor flesh wound.:smiley:

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Glad you’re back in action Chuck! Sounds like you went through quite an ordeal. Most ppl I’ve known with that surgery have done comparatively quite well, including my MIL.

I’m proud to call Jeremy a good friend, I was really happy for him to get that show with CA. This season’s Flats Class has really stepped up the videography. It’s very well done now.

The frustration with flats fishing is why I have held on to my 13 Whaler “Flatty”. She’s about to go in for a makeover (not a full resto, but more like lipstick on a pig) then a repower then I’ll be able to get skinny again. I miss it, it’s hard to find a boat that will do it all. I’m loving my Sportsman though.

You’re welcome at the shop any time. Hours are 9-12 daily.


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Thanks guys; great to be back! Re: the question about a knee and the outcome. My biggest mistake was not going in to the PT clinic I was going to do my rehab at and asking who is having the most successful outcomes surgeon wise and why. That was my fatal move and it cost me 3 surgeries and 2 artificial knees on one leg. Like many things in life; trust and then verify… Had I only known that a solid review, word of mouth, and meeting the doc F2F wasn’t good enough I would have added the most important part; seeing the outcomes and talking with the team who inherits the patient post op as that’s where the story is truly told.

Dave, I’ll get by there in the next week or two once I get a little bit better handle on this new job I took in Feb. Looking forward to getting together and getting caught up!

Hope everyone is out doing more catching than fishing but either way I know I’m just glad to be hurling baits again! Tight lines fellas!

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