Good to Great Inshore Redfish Bite!

Over the past week we have had a Good to Great Redfish Bite inshore. Whether it be on the flats, riverbanks, creeks… the redfish have been huddled up around structure and aggressively feeding as the tide brings dinner! Low incoming and mid outgoing tides have produced best for us. Targeting fish in 2-6’ of water around structure has produced the best as they beat the heat. Live shrimp on the bottom, fresh cut finger mullet or small paddle tail artificial baits and artificial shrimp baits by ZMan on jig heads have all produced well. When they are eating, THEY ARE CHOMPING! Tight lines!

Thanks for the report!

Sportsman 207 Masters Yamaha F150
Blue bottom

Yes, thanks for the quality reports. Looks like some happy fishermen!

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Captfields, what app is that? Thanks

That’s the navionics boating app. Great tool to use on and off the water. Same great charts you get on your chart card for your gps. The new color depth shading feature which is shown is bad to the bone. I use the app consistently, so if you have any questions just send me a pm.

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Captfields, what app is that? Thanks