Good way to end winter break

I’m headed back up to the third best football school in SC tomorrow so I figured I’d get one more day on the water. Dad and I had been skunked on our last 3 outings with Sunday probably being the most painful day. We were fishing the flat at the mouth of Folly and the Stono and watched the boat next to us pull in a red right from under our nose. Can’t say they were the proudest few days I’ve had on the water so I knew I needed to redeem myself.

Low tide was sometime after 6pm so I dropped the kayak in around 3:30pm and paddled over to my redfish honey hole. When I showed up some local kids were playing by the spot throwing the rocks from the seawall in the water so I anchored up and ate my sandwich and waited for them to head out. I started throwing a paddle tail on a weighted EWG and threw a frozen shrimp on the bottom. The paddle tail wasn’t getting any action but the shrimp was getting tons of tiny hits but nothing seemed big enough to commit to the hook. I went ahead and rerigged to a much smaller circle hook in hopes of catching whatever was nibbling on my shrimp and it ended up being a juvenile black drum. The kids were back at this point all saying “look at the sheepshead he caught” LOL. After the little drum I casted again and managed to bring in two more redfish as the sun was going down. Of course the bigger one flopped out of my lap before I could get a picture but believe me it was hugeeeeee :wink:.

All in all it was a nice way to end my break and I’m happy I had something to post about before I go back to school. Pictures are below and I’ll also link my instagram “srgoprovideos” if anyone wants to check out more pictures of my fish and what I see on the water/outdoors etc.

Good going. Nice post