Good way to finish out the week

Finally made it out and spend some time on the water. Of course I invited my little buddy.
We got on the water about 07 . Low tide changing.
Had a few Federal crabs so headed to the jetty’s. It was not so nice. Went around the South jetty to the south side to find some calm water. Toadfish small sea bass and a couple lizard fish.

From there we went to the creeks.
Couldn’t find any red fish croakers and spots. One last attempt headed back to Dunn sound picked up a couple flounders.

Carlito caught himself seven different species of fish. This kid is always smiling.
Headed back in at 1:00 jet skis and boat traffic we’re starting to get pretty heavy.
But all in all a fun day on the water.
Finally someone that can out fish my wife…

Missed the best one

Being the computer guru that I am.
Yeah right can’t even program a ■■■■ VCR.
Don’t understand why that didn’t post.

But oh well. I forgot to mention he caught a monster Blue blue crab.
I grabbed it was going to hold it up for a picture and the damnnn reached back and got a hold of the end of my middle finger. Yes I squealed like a little girl and slung hell out of him…

Looks like you made his day.
Yep, crabs are painful.