Hi tide early ran to GC and let the tide push me out. Boaters Holiday so I went where I could fish comfortable. 8:30 two flounders but one too small to tag and one keeper

Kept at it from left to right side of river on out going tide and Slam nice 6lb 26" Red.

Released and side to side on out the river and now I’m wishing for a Trout of any size just to do the slam and SLAMMMM!

This nice 21" female gave me a run for the Hook-up. Out going and she was not having no parts of being netted. Broke two of my rods in over hanging trees but I wanted to see what I hooked up with and got it to the top and saw it was a nice size trout and was about too have a fish story without a photo. Now that I’m exhausted decided to head to the landing. Couple get skiers I thought was in trouble were ok and as I were pushing to the landing saw a boat stuck in the mud.

Ran pass him because there’s nothing you can do for anyone stuck except get stuck with them. After managing to get my boat on the trailer ( bust my A&% in the algae jumping off the boat to secure it because the floating dock is now in pluff mud), busted my A$# again try to pull the boat to the ramp and the algae was thick and I bruised up my arm slipping on all that algae. But I’m also laughing because two others tried to make that maneuver and failed and were also stuck near the first boat

Great day on the water

the stuck boat pic needs to be on the front page of the post and courier- it is shameful that the state can’t get that dredged.

Nice report

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Very nice work man! I tried some top water for a couple hours Sunday and Monday morning, had several blow ups, just no hook ups! Was off the water by 830 both days to beat the holiday crowds!

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The party goers and tube riders normally hit about noon and with the bad tides a little after and that gives me a calm day of fishing. May hit it tomorrow since I’m doing na evening shift this week. nice hearing from you…

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Nice fish fatrat!

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