Goose Creek Reservoir Bass Fishing Tournament

Yesterday we had about 4 boats fish a tournament in the Goose Creek Reservoir just for the fun of it. It was a blast and there was a lot of great bass caught. We usually do a team tournament and you weigh in the biggest 5 in the boat. Next Saturday, I think we are going to do the same thing. There is no money involved and is just for the love of bass fishing. Blast off will be at 6 am and weigh in will be at 12pm. Post on here if you want to fish the tournament.
Me and my buddy won the tournament yesterday. We caught 8 together and our best 5 weighed about 13 pounds.

176 XT Stratos

I’ve been interested in fishing a $ tournament on the reservoir for years. This is the closest thing I have seen.

Maybe throwing in a few bucks a head for total weight and big fish would make it more interesting??? Not much, but enough for pizza and beers afterwards?

well i was just thinking no money so that everyone can just have fun and not worry about anything. if the turnout is good then i would consider doing money. cuz yesterday was a blast not having to worry about losing money. we just went out and caught bass.

176 XT Stratos

That’s kinda like dancing with your sister…

Good luck and post results.

okay i didnt know everything had to be about money these days. but its okay. we will still have fun bc right now i have about 7 boats.

176 XT Stratos

you would have a bunch more if $cash$ was involved. You have some old pros lurking on this forum that would NOT worry about losing, becuase, well they probably won’t and that’s becuase (and what I love about bass!) the bigger fish aren’t stupid and won’t eat anything tossed at them. Good luck with your tourney. :smiley: